Sales and Service Network

Sales & Service Network

Starkgen Generator aims to uphold customer satisfaction at the highest level in both sales and after-sales services. In addition to delivering high-quality generators, we provide a reliable service throughout the sales and post-sales processes.

During the sales phase, Starkgen offers customers an extensive range of generators. This range includes diesel, gas, marine generator sets, and parallel systems. Additionally, we specialize in developing hybrid power generator sets for the telecommunication sector and manufacturing lighting towers for the rental and construction markets. Our experienced sales team provides customers with in-depth information, understands their needs, and proposes the most suitable solutions. By offering quality generators at competitive prices, Starkgen provides options that align with customers' budgets.

In after-sales services, Starkgen offers reliable support to customers. With high spare parts availability and a service team equipped with fully equipped mobile service vehicles, we ensure fast and efficient service. Our expert technicians are ready to assist customers in generator maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting.

Starkgen also enhances productivity by providing training and consultancy services to customers, assisting them in the correct and efficient use of generators. To boost customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, Starkgen evaluates customer feedback and presents customer-oriented solutions.

We establish an active dialogue to comprehend customer needs and provide them with optimal solutions. At Starkgen, we prioritize customer satisfaction, continually improve ourselves, and offer innovative solutions to enable our customers to enhance their operational efficiency.